Visit of the Jewish artist-photographer Alan Metnick in Mszana Dolna

We wrote in May about Alan Metnick's visit to our town. We showed him around the Jewish traces, he was especially interested in the memorials and the Jewish cemetery. Today, we are sharing a photo report from that visit. All photos are by Alan Metnick. Artist's profile can be viewed on his website:

Alan Metnick was born in Chicago in 1941. His father's family came from Odessa and his mother's family from Sławatycze in eastern Poland. The artist visits Poland regularly and photographs matzevot in Jewish cemeteries. His photographs are part of collections of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Jewish Historical Institute and are displayed in Polish cities. His activities for the remembrance of Sławatycze's Jewish heritage have changed his attitude towards Poland and his perception of his own identity. He used to describe himself as an American, but now he considers himself a Polish Jew.

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