The Federgrün Family

Information about the Federgrün family from Mrs. Yafa Hoch Rom, daughter-in-law of Cesia Federgrün:


"My late mother in law -  Cesia Hoch Federgrün was born in 1925 and  brought up in Mszana Dolna. She was an only survivor of her immediate family. 

She was expelled to Plashow at the very beginning of the German invasion, and later deported to  Terezin and Buchenwald concentration camps. I don't remember the order.

She didn’t have any documents or photos of any of her family…

I have the names of her family members from the Page of Testimony of Yad Vashem.

All her family members were born in Mecina Limanowa and moved to Mszana. Do not know the exact year.

Her father, Josew  Federgrin, was a tanner, and was involved with the leader manufacturing. He died before the IIWW and was burried in Limanowa cemetery.

Her mother, Rivka Federgrin, maiden name: Lustgarten, daughter of Izik Lustgarten

Her brothers/sisters:

Jakow Janek - born in 1915

Israel - Srulek - born in 1917

Nela - was born in 1919

Sala - was born in 1921

Rachel - Rachchze - was born in 1923

Chana - Chanja - was born in 1927

Naftali - was born in 1929

Herszel -was born in 1931"