Rachela Tauber, Amalia and Pesach Dawid Rebhun’s granddaughter, has passed away.

On 16 November 2023 Rachela Tauber, the granddaughter of Amalia and Pesach Dawid Rebhun from Mszana Dolna, passed away. She was 88 years old. She was one of the first Jewish persons we learnt about when we were just starting out researching the bicultural history of our town. Late Henryk Zdanowski told the story of his little neighbour who’d stomp her foot and refuse to eat “unless Henio comes.” And Henio would come. Rachela, her parents and one sister, Ester/Erna, survived the war in the East. Unfortunately, the other sister, Mirl Jocheved, died of typhus in Siberia. The grandparents died in the mass execution at Pańskie on 19 August 1942. They did not want to run away with their sons and found their resting place in the soil of Mszana. Their names are on the granite memorial set up at Pańskie this August. More on the Rebhuns: https://www.sztetlmszanadolna.com/en/the-rebhun-family.html

 Rachela and her parents, Yehudit and Herschel Rebhun,  emigrated to the US after the war. She married Rouven Tauber.

We convey our condolences to her daughter Rivkah Friedman and entire family.

We are grateful to Avi Rebhun, the grandson of Rachela’s cousin, Shalom Rebhun, for the news.

May Rachela’s memory be blessed and may her soul be tied in the knot of the living!

We hope that those close to her heart have been waiting for her on the other side, and her childhood friend Henio has been happy to finally meet her again. As long as he lived, he repeated he would like to see her again!