Commemorating the victims buried in the cemetery with a stone matzeva

At the Jewish cemetery in Mszana Dolna, several dozen victims of the Holocaust killed during the occupation, are buried in mass graves. They were murdered in various places in the town: in Zarabie, in the house of lawyer Streimer, taken over for the municipal office, on the streets, private properties, in the court, in the park of counts Krasiński, in the cemetery. This is confirmed by both the memories and testimonies of witnesses, as well as the documents of the Institute of National Remembrance and the Jewish Historical Institute. Among them are whole families, elderly people, teenagers and children. Some of the names are known, some remain unnamed.

In July 2020, Aleksander Schwartz, the chief specialist of the Rabbinical Commission for cemeteries, initially located the burial sites and marked them with a wooden matzevah for the "Zapomniane" (Forgotten) Foundation.

We would like to commemorate these victims with one tombstone in the shape of a matzeva with inscriptions in Polish, Hebrew and English.

In this project, we will cooperate with: the Jewish Religious Community in Krakow, which owns the cemetery, the Rabbinical Commission for Cemeteries, the Provincial Monument Conservator, the Mszana Dolna Town Office, Forum for Dialogue, the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland, Yhe Club of Christians and Jews "Covenant", descendants of Jews from Mszana. We have launched a crowdfunding for this purpose. We also count on obtaining funds from public and non-governmental organizations.

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